Saturday, November 08, 2008


Yesterday me and my friends spent the whole day in Mamzar Beach Park. It was fun. I loved the place, the views, and of course the water.

Sounds weird but yes... it was my first time to wear two piece swim wear. I am a swimmer by nature and had joined so many swimming competition but i never had the guts to wear two piece other than sports swimsuit.. So yesterday was a dream come true for me. I bought several two piece before but never tried to used it. Last thursday i told my friend that i'll bring any of my swim wear for the purpose of taking picture and i'll put on my shirt after.

Then yesterday when we went to the water, there was only two kids swimming so i decided not to wear my shirt back since no one was there except the kids. Just had my short shorts than the string bikini.


niko said...

waaaaaah so sexy!! and ur back so spotless white! baket ngayon mo lang nitry ate??!! nukaba! :D

glad ur hubby lets you to wear those, saken hanggang sa loob lang ng kwarto yan! LOL

honeybhing23 said...

ay naku niko malayo lang ung kuha kaya nde nakita ung mga peklat ko ng tagyawat sa likod.

nde kasi cia kasama kaya nakapagsuot ako ng ganyan..hahahaha

tska plano tlga after makapagpapicture isusuot ko na ulit ung blouse ko kaso wala ngang ibang tao dun maliban sa dalawang bata.

planning to wear the rest of my two piece next time...hehehehe


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