Sunday, December 21, 2008


"Once a family will always be a family"

The spirit of the Sisters of Mary School will always be with in our hearts and minds so no matter where we are, the graduates, we will rekindle that spirit.

As much as we wanted to gather the graduates here, we tried to organize a group that will make us feel that we are still a family. It requires a great effort especially for the officers like me to gather them all considering our schedules but once you saw their faces in every gatherings you will feel blessed and happy.

Last friday we had our Christmas Gig at Zabeel Park, Karama, Dubai. Among the gatherings that we had that was the most happiest i guess. We had our Exchange gift, picture taking and of course we talked about our plans for the group.


Alexander said...

Wow naman, I can see happy faces. Good luck sa inyong lahat diyan. Wala namang ibang magdadamayan kungdi tayo-tayo lang din namang mga anak ni Fr. Al. Keep it up. God bless

jeck said...

congrats sa inyo!!!! nakakatuwang makita na nakakagawa kau ng ganitong organization kahit malau kau sa pinas!!mabuhay kau mga kapatid!!! cheers!!


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