Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I was tagged by NIKO again. Thanks dear! You always made my day busy!

So here's my "High School Days" photo. I was a freshmen here and it was the first photo that was sent to our parents after a months that we came to the Sister of Mary School to study. Actually i was with Sister Mercy on this photo and its a whole body picture but it was damaged by the typhoons that washout our house.

Anyway, have you ever imagine yourself having a very short hair like this? I had this haircut for 3 1/2 long years and i remember i was in second year when i had a one inch bangs as a punishment for being disobedient.

Would you believe i cried when i had this haircut? Since young i was having a very long hair and i can't accept that they have to cut it as a rule. Then as the days past i've learned to accept it coz 4000 students had the same short hair as mine.

So I wanna ask my ate's from our alma matter to post the same topic with your highschool photo: Ate Arlene, Donna, Jeck & Rachel.


niko said...

wohohoh! you are one of the courageous ones ate! ;)

its nice to see old pics noh? brings back all the memories.. fun! :D

thanks for doing the tag! mwah

~~m$. DoNNA~~ said...

i tag nyo ako ng i-tag
dalawa na kayo ni niko nag tag nyan sakin
at hanggang ngayon hinahanap ko pa din yong pic kong kasama si sister emma....
ginupit ko kasi yon eh
ginawa kong 1x1

honeybhing23 said...

u right niko:) marami pa akong picture sa som lalo na nung graduation day namin pero e2 yta ang nakakatacute among my photos during highschool days...hehehehe

oi sis...bilis bilisan mo na ang pag post ng pic mo para makita ka nman nmin nung highschool pa...:):)


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