Saturday, December 06, 2008


Was tagged by Niko last week and since i was busy for the past days i got to do it only today.

So here are my photos:

Looking so haggard today (that's why this photo is taken at a distance)! Get up late this morning, around 7:45 office timing starts at 8:30 am and i have to travel (by bus) 45 mins - 1 hour to reach my office... No shower! (ewww!) Just brush my teeth and wash my body.

Almost a months that i'm not wearing my office clothes. I feel more comfortable with my jeans and blouse and my jacket (it's winter time here now).

Am sure i'll be late, so i take a cab. Reach my office at 8:15 am. Prepare my breakfast; coffee, one banana, 2 loaves of toastes bread..bring it to my desk and eat it while reading niko's blog.

My boss left to Iran last thursday so he left my desk with so many documents to be filed and some notes, check to be cash, payments to be done...etc etc.

I guess no need to tag anyone again.

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