Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Attended the first simbang gabi last night at Saint Mary's Church. The opening program for the lighting of Big Chritmas Tree was still on going when we came.

I forgot to bring my camera last night so this photo was taken last year.

This year's Christmas Tree looks almost the same from the previous years. As usual, hang on it are wishes which are written on a styro foam either shape with stars, bells or socks and of course the lights.


Umma said...

hello Sheryl, long time we havent heard each other my dear.

You know what, your high school picture reminds me of my ol days bec my hair was like that short too lol..

honeybhing23 said...

Umma Hi!

Well to update you....am loving the cold season in Dubai which may last till March 09..

Do i look cutie? hahahaha It was a rule so even if we don't like that short haircut we can't do anything...


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