Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Since i don't have much thing to do...why not share something about my nephew.

He is Ken. He just turned 2 last Sep. 2008. Last October my bro and ken moved to my mom because my sis in law went to Manila for work. So then he become the baby in the family. My mom loved him so much that if possible she don't want him to leave the house anymore.
Everytime i call them i would always try to speak to him. At first he just listened to my voice and didn't say anthing. But then lately he started to talk to me. He ask me to buy him an airplane, a car, a truck loader and many other things. He also tell me stories like they went to the market with my mom and he saw many cars.

Then when i tell him "Bbye", he will reply "Bbye Tita, i love u, ingat:)

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