Thursday, March 12, 2009


I don't know if its the weather change that triggered my allergy (Airborne Allergy). Almost a weeks that i have experienced this mild itching ang sneezing and just the other day i had this extreme allergies reaction. It started with sneezing, then runny nose followed by clogged nose. Then yesterday it becomes worst, I have cough & cold and fever. I wanted to take a leave just to have some rest but that would be very impossible so for two days i was at work just to hear myself coughing althroughout the day.

Then early yesterday i had a call from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, asking if it's ok for them to forward my cv to recruitment. (By the way i had my online application 6 months back and that i didn't expect them to call me) And i said yes, then he told me that they might call me within 15 days for an interview. Then around 9 o'clock they called me again, telling that i am scheduled for an interview today at 9am - Dewa Head Office. Oh my! I told myself!! I'm not prepared for this especially that i'll be having an interview from one of the government company. Nevertheless, i felt great knowing that my CV or application is shortlisted. Considering the number of applicants who wanted to join this company, i'm glad that i was one of them to attend the interview. I heard from a friend who had and interview last week that there was an actual (excel & powerpoint) and written (memo writing) exam. So then i tried to refresh myself from excel and powerpoint application and browsed the internet for a memo sample since i was not familiar with it coz i'm not really doing it here in the office.

So today i wake up as early as 5:30 to prepare myself for the interview. Fills my empty stomach with little food, put on a light make up & wear my most presentable (conservative - as required) business suit. My plan was to take a bus insted of a cab but as i am walking going to the bus stand i decided to take a cab so since i don't know the place yet. Sadly the cab driver doesn't know the place also do it took as more 15 mins to reach there.

Exactly 8:30, i am already at the meeting room waiting for the interviewer. A minute later, a muslim indian lady came and ask some few question. I thought there will be a tough interview question but then she told us that we will have an actual and written exam for the day then if we are shorlisted we will be called for a final interview. I was actually worried that maybe at the middle of the interview i will cough but then there was no interview.

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