Sunday, June 07, 2009


Speaking of Summer in Dubai.....Modhesh is one thing you can't miss. Eversince i came to Dubai Modesh has been the mascot of Dubai for DSS shopping festival. This yellow cartoon character is usually seen in every malls entrance and invites people to come and visit and take advantage of the shopping festivities during this season.

I don't know what's so exciting with this cartoon character that makes me love it. I bought a fuschia round pillow 2 years back with Modheshs' face on it...that's when i started to like Modhesh.

I'd be celebrating my birthday this month...wish someone will give me Modhesh as a present.

Modhesh...modhesh...modhesh...modhesh....Anyone of you can guess the gender of Modhesh?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Funny huh? since i came to Dubai everybody's been asking the gender of Modhesh, i hope they will come out with a contest for that, what do u think? shall we join? (lol)


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