Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Most people say that you haven't really enjoyed the life in Dubai if you haven't gone to Desert Safari.

I haven't really experience the real desert safari but somehow i had an idea how it is. It was May 2006, during the CFC - SFC Middle East Conference which was held at Margham Desert when i had my first desert encounter. I heard that desert safari is a great thing to do if you get a chance, but it’s not something extra ordinary that one shouldn’t miss at any cost.

Usually it's how it works....you got to book for yourself or your group and Desert Safari Dubai can arrange it for you. Feel free to visit their site and get their number and book now!!!

Going back to that safari encounter...actually we've gone there for spiritual purposes and not for just physical fun and enjoyment. It was such a great desert encounter with the Lord. Felt like when we we're praying, our prayer was coming directly to Him and immediately He send us the Holy Spirit to let us feel His undying love for everyone of us who was present that day.

Below are some of the photos i had...the sand dune as the background, the four wheel land cruiser which brought us to the camp site, the quad bike, the camel and my tent. Looks like i had experience it all but that was just merely souvenir photos. I didn't even had the chance to ride the camel or drive the quad bike.

But if there's one thing real in this safari encounter...it was the henna tattoos. It was the first to have this tattoos on my arm.

It was an spiritual gathering so there was no belly dancers with their moves...one thing i've missed. Hopefully next time......


Photos Dubai said...

Hey thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments. I would really appreciate if more filipinas could view that post and give their comments!!!

Thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your blog.


niko said...

sobrang sexy ha!!! nice poses!! :)

Safari in Dubai said...

Camel riding is an experience like none other in safari Dubai....


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