Friday, July 31, 2009


It's been a while again that i have not posted anything here...We'll i got busy preparing fo the ASMSI - UAE Chapter upcoming event "General Assembly and 24th Founding Anniversary of The Sisters of Mary School". Other than that i was having fun farming...hehehehe. This is one one of the games that Facebook offers.

Speaking of the upcoming event for all alumni who are residing here in UAE! Am excited for this event. It's been years how Kuya Jhvn Mariano and the rest of the graduates tried to organize the group and now that it was founded a year back i am hoping for the best... I may not be around for August 14 celebration but i am really excited and happy for all the preparation that has been done. Hope it will be a success..

Oh, been to RAK last night...of course i'm with the alumni... I wasn't able to join the AUH Invasion last July 17, 2009 so i tried to make it to RAK Invasion though am sure it will be a long hours or maybe long days of explanation to Pangit why i came home 5 in the morning. Well, it was a great night. Nice to share our own experiences again way back high schol life at the Sisters of Mary School.


Rache said...

marami palang sisters of mary graduates dyan sa uae.... small world ha buti nagkasama sama kayo lahat dyan...

ganda ganda ng farm mo sa facebook :)


honeybhing23 said...

ay naku sis napakadami nmin dito...kaya nga ang saya saya nmin pag minsan may activity.....inaalala nmin ang highschool day...ang sarap balikan ang nakaraan...


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