Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We''ll be going home soon...that's for sure.
Some of the things that we need to do are:
  • Visit Hubby's friend in Bulacan
  • Go for a small shopping
  • Visit my Alma Matter
  • Fly to Bicol on the 4th day
  • Go for a medical and dental check up
  • Visit all our memorable places, beaches and river
  • Meet my elementary and college friends
  • Take as many photos that i can

Hmmm i plan to prepare our food everyday when i got home.. am excited to serve my family what i've learned here in Dubai ...cooking...hehehe


Rache said...

wow vacation time na... have fun in your vacation! :)

niko said...

ay sana mag meet tau ate!!!

pagpray ko ok si yena sa aug 16 :)

seee yoU!!


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