Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think winter has finally arrived.

While walking going to the bus stop today morning ....i feel like ooh! ...i simply love the early morning cold breeze that touches my i wish the weather for the whole year in Dubai is the same as today. The temperature is lovely and the glorious dubai winter stretches ahead of us. Now is the time to rediscover parks, long afternoon walks like we did last night with my hubby. We went to Spinneys Karama , bought an ice cream cone, apple juice and doughnut and we eat it while going back to our flat. It took us 30 minutes before we reach home coz we sat down at the benches along the road while eating what we bought.

For some people who think that the desert is hot for the whole year round.....nah...that's a misconception...usually desert is a dry place but it can be cold also. Dubai is hot in in really hot...esp from June, July to August but it has winter also....

During the winter season in is not really necessary to have such heavy winter clothes...the average low temperature in December ranges from 15C to 17C, with the average highs still up between 24C and's like you were just in the Philippines. There is no need for so many winter coats...i for example only had my boots or close shoes and about 5 or seven not so thick jackets and one coat which i use during the "simbang gabi" at Saint Mary's Church.

But this time i'm planning to buy new one coz i've been using those for two years almost. Haven't check the market but i guess i'll try to buy from Brand For Less or maybe from any other branded shops which offer a cheap products....and the last choice is UK.......ayyyy! Hehehe

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