Friday, November 13, 2009


This will be the first time sharing this thing about me online ….thought it’s known by relatives and close friends.

I can vividly remember my classmates during grade school on how they tease me about my attached toes and extra toenails esp. when we had a fight due to some reason. Often times I would go home crying and when I reach home my mom would ask me why?...then I would just say it’s because they tease me about my toes. …and she would say “don’t mind them”

When you’re young you tend to ask so many questions to your parents which sometimes irritate them. So one time, I ask my mom what might be the reason why I have my toes different from my siblings and classmates. And she told me that during her conception, she wanted to eat that twin banana she saw on the nearby store but when she comes back to buy it….the banana is already sold out. A superstitious belief which I don’t know if you guys heard about such kind of story also. And then most of the old folks who saw my toes, they would say “that’s your lucky charm and it will bring you success”.

I grew up using slip on slipper just to hide my toes. I hate people seeing it! I’m afraid they will tease me like what my classmates did. Before I thought I was a mutant... for having undeveloped finger toes but then last year I read from one of my schoolmates’ blog about her daughter’s extra finger. I’ve known that it is commonly called Polydactyly, a congenital physical anomaly in humans having supernumerary fingers or toes.

For some who might have the same deformity in your body...don't feel bad coz you're lucky as what the old folks says...

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Sherry said...

sis about extra finger, my sis friend has got extra thumb but it does not bother her. She is now mommy of 3 kids.


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