Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's Thursday and its girls talk as usual I’m working half day. Well, for someone who's having 1 day off in a week is quite difficult to have more pass time like those who are having 2 days off. For me, weekend is just enough to do all the household our cute and small space (room) while our clothes is running on the automatic washing machine. Then on friday, i've got to iron the clothes and buy some groceries...

So i only have a little time for myself and that's only on the friday afternoon where i spent it mostly watching a television/movie while eating fruits.

Then after watching, i've got to sleep for an hour and around 6 or 7pm i have to prepare for our meal and all the things we needed by tomorrow. And if i'm not sleeping you'll see me doing my nails, my eyebrows and hot oil treatment for my hair. Sometimes were having a little walk around the area after dinner esp. now that the weather is good.

Wish i have more time to do some other things...i miss reading books, visiting friends and doing some of the hobbies i used to do before.
Oh by the way, i'm doing my blog at work including facebook, friendster, multiply and online movie/games.


darly said...

kikay ka rin pala like me :)

Happy GT, mine is up too.

Pls vote for my daughter ALTHEA INGRID S. BARON (#5 candidate) for the November Pinoy Smile of the Month. Click here to cast your vote. Thanks

sheng said...

hi darly....

ay naku nde lang kikay dahil maligalig pa ako hehehe

i vote for ur daughter already...


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