Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tired of a monotonous life? Yeah, I am! I hate my everyday’s life….though sometimes we go out also. But it’s really boring to wake up early in the morning to go to work and rush to go home in the afternoon to prepare our meal for the dinner. I think it would be good if I have two days off….at least I can spare the other day for any entertaining activity. One day off is just enough to do all the house chores.

I miss the old times when I was still having some short classes from Filipino Computer Club and Overseas Pinoy Professional Photographers Society and the weekend prayer activity of Singles for Christ- Dubai. Now i can't take any classes anymore coz aside from being a career woman i'm a housewife to my hubby who came last year. And even if i wanted to...he won't allow me.

I'm thinking to go back dancing early next year. I hope by that time hubby would allow me... that's why as early as of now i'm trying to find a ballroom dance shoes to use...though i still have two pairs but it's a bit worn out now so i guess i really have to buy for new one...good thing i found George's Dance Shoes wherein their passion is dancing and their knowledge and ardor for dance fuels their creativity and is expressed in their shoes.

So wish me luck next year...i'll show you some of my moves when i got the chance.

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