Thursday, December 31, 2009


It was like yesterday when i had to accompany a friend to an interview where we go home with a promise that they'll call back to her and an instruction that i need to come back the next day.

When i came back, i was offered a letter with a note of all the responsibilities that i'll be taking care. I thank God for that day, i was already hopeless during those time because i was jobless for nearly 3 months and worried on how i can pay the installment of my debts back home.

And now as i celebrate my 4th year on this company, Pars Oyster Marine LLC, i would like to thank all the people who have been there to support and guide me all throughout those years.

Capt. Ataollah Razeghi (Managing Director) – Thank You Sir! I look at you as a father and not only as a boss. Thanks for all the knowledge you have imparted on me. Thanks for the understanding from all the mistakes that I have done. And sorry for being careless most of the time. (I would like to extend my gratitude also to your family; Ma’am Shila for being so nice and kind to me, Mana & Ava for being a good friend)
Mr. Seyed Homayoun Safavi Homami (Partner) – Thanks for the trust! It was hard to communicate with you but at the years have passed I’ve learned to understand whatever you say or instruct to me. A blink of an eye or thumbs up was even enough to convey a message. (Thanks also to Madam Mehry, Hajar, Fatemeh, Mohammad)
Mr. Hussein Salari (Partner) – Thanks for the guidance. I would have been able to do some of the task that was given to me if not of your help.
Mr. Rahmatollah Bahktari (Parnter) – Thank for the loud voice every time you visit our office. Hehehehe
Mr. Yoga Yoheswaran (Part time Accounts) – Thanks for the weekly or monthly news updates. I have known many other things from you.
Latha (Cleaner) – Thanks for a kikay moments with you…hehehe

Thank You All!

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