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Seems that everyone will enjoy this month’s meme at Girls Talk, so for today's topic "First Crush", I will share you guys how I loved Mondays and how I hated weekends.

I shifted to another school when I was in grade 5 and in that school I’ve met the first person whom I was attracted to. We’re both on the same grade but he was joined to another section. He was the “Most Neat and Clean” in our batch.

His name is Morell Mariano. He was a transferee also to that school but he was one year ahead of me. Most of my classmates had a crush on him and even the lower grades but nobody knows that I had a crush on him too. It was few months before graduation when some of my friends have known that I admire him for being so neat and good looking. Then later they all have known it when I wrote the initial “M.M.” to “Who is your crush?” to one of the slum note which my classmate requested me to answer. There was no other boy who had the same initial so it was like I have no other reason to deny but tell them that “Yeah, he is my crush”

Hahahaha! I went home that day with a smile on my face coz without their knowledge I have been admiring that little boy for nearly two years already. It was an advantage for me that he/they didn’t know about it coz I can talk and come near to him and even play with him without my classmates teasing us…hehehe. They didn’t even know that those looks I had for him had meanings…..and that everytime i see him my heart beats faster....hehehe. They thought I was just a bridge to my close friend who’s having a crush with him also….

Then here it comes, Morell has known that he was my crush. That first Monday after knowing it he was the last person who entered their classroom after the flag ceremony and stayed at the door as if waiting for someone and when I was about to enter our room which is next to their room I saw him there smiling at me and I smiled back. We communicate that way…we never spoke to each other but deep within ourselves something binds us. Often I will give him fruits from our backyard and even biscuits without the knowledge of our classmates.

I always wanted to see him and I love Monday because it means that I have another 4 days to see him from a distance. I never come closer to him nor was he to avoid our classmates to tease us. I hated weekends because I won’t be able to see him. There was a time that I went to my Aunt whose house is opposite with their house where I tried to steal a look on him at the kitchen….hehe”

This was the photo we have given to each other. I've known from my closefriend that till highschool he had my photos on his wallet.

With that thought of having a photo together, on our graduation day i insisted to have him in our group photos even if he don't like. That was the last day i saw him. I had my secondary studies in Manila and he stayed in Bicol which i don't know if he graduated from higschool.

I never heard about him in 9 years, accidentally i came to see him in 2001 when i go with my cousin in Taytay Rizal. I didn't know that we will visit their place nor my cousin knows that he was my classmate and my first crush. There i've known that he got married at the age of 17 and soon to be a father.

Now they are already separated and his kids (boy & girl) are with him.

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r u s s said...

Aww. That's soooo cute, you were able to post old photos.Ü I wanted to post old pics too, but I was too lazy to dig in through files so I opted to post a not-so-recent photo. That's the good thing about having crushes when you're still in school ─ you look forward to Mondays and almost despise weekends. Hahaa. Have my post here.

LingLing said...

I like the pictures :) so so sooooo sweet <3 I also did not like weekends when i could not see my crush, bet many other girls felt that way too :D It's sweet that you two communicated through smiles, must be a great feeling to see him smile back at you <3

sheng said...

@russ: he's one the special person in my past so i really kept his photo..hehehe

@lingling: yeah u're right was really a nice feeling to see him smile back at me to think that most of the little girl at school are attracted to him ...just imagine that among those girls i was the only one whom he has given his photo...

pehpot said...

ang tapang haha at may photos pa. I like your entry hihi

Make or Break

K said...

awww.. this is a precious entry! may photos kasi and super cute mo pala magkacrush. hihi. swerte naman nung boy. may nagadmire sa kanya ng ganun :)

love your entry!

LingLing said...

Thank you for reading my GT post :)
Wow he only gave the photo to you??? That would make me feel super special <3 sure it made you feel so too :)

nikogirl said...

bow. grabe sa tapang.. di ko to keri!! hahahah.

wordless kau te.. makuha ka sa tingin ang drama.. kaloka hahahaha :) at highest level tlga at memorize lahat... as in lahat.. galing ng memory mo te.. :)

so feeling ko ready ka na for nxt GT.. ako te naku hende.. hahhhah.

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