Monday, December 14, 2009


Yousaytoo Blog Awards

Recently I’ve been so much interested about making money online and I would like to thank Niko for helping me out. In a few days time I’ll be receiving my $$$ from my first paid post. I just had my two transactions from Social Spark but the 2nd post was not approved and will not be accepted for resubmission since it follows a paid post also which I’m not aware since I’m new to this.

And now as a newbie to making money online I would like to take every opportunity seriously. My ASMSI Friends has been earning $$$ through blogging as part time since they are all an employee like me. Through them I started to blog since 2005 but I came to this idea of making money through blogging last month. I was blog hopping yesterday when I came across this YouSayToo’s awards where I became interested to join My Sweet Serenity and Our Lives Together, so I immediately sign up and after reading the awards rules and being a new subscriber with my 2 blogs this could give me a chance of bringing home my DREAM GIFT.

As a photo hobbyist I’ve always been dreaming to have an SLR Camera and I really wanted a Nikon D80 or a Nikon D200 but being a bread winner supporting 3 siblings in college and 1 in a Laboratory High School I chose not to buy it for now and focus in helping them. I am an Overseas Filipino Worker in Dubai working as a secretary of a Marine Services company which people may think that I have plenty of money but as an employee earning a minimum wage and considering the higher cost of living here is impossible to acquire any stuff that I may have just wanted such that of camera. Now I’m taking this chance and I wish to win that $1000 reward in cash not to buy for an SLR Camera but to help my youngest brother to enroll in college. He wanted to take an Engineering course next school year but I told him that with my current financial status I can’t promise to support him as I have 2 other siblings who are graduating next year who needed enough money for their thesis so I can’t send him to college unless otherwise he will take for a scholarship. But if I won this award at least it can cover his tuition fees for first semester and only worry for the following semester which I’m sure I can find ways and maybe by that time my sister would be working here already.

Other than the $1000 major price for these YouSayToo’s awards, they are giving fun gifts for the other nine lucky bloggers with their choice. Among those gifts, I like to have that Retro Web Cam because I may not acquire that Nikon Camera but at least I have something which is related to photography.

So guys if you want to join this YouSayToo’s awards, holiday dream gift, click here and enter your blog in the awards for the chance of winning $1000 and other fun gifts.


Rache said...

congrats on earning $ on your first post. I recently started paid blogging too :) and had that same problem :) my second blog post wasn't approved 'cuz it was after another sponsored post and just last week, one of my post was permanently rejected because i posted it after not updating my blog for a week. so heads up for you.

there are so many paid blog opportunity but i'm only doing socialsparks :p... goodluck on winning the $$$ for your bro.

sheng said...

yeah trying my luck here hehehe...

i didn't know that paid post should not be after another paid post...neway it's okay am learning somehow hehehe

yeah i've read it...u have written some paid post as well....

same here dear...advance merry christmas to you and your family..


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