Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's 11:30 pm here and i should be sleeping now but because Vane (hubby's cousin) and i attended the first "Midnight Mass" i'm still here pretty alive and kickin' while watching Pinoy Big Brother....hehehe So let me brief you about the first night of "Simbang Gabi"

Before the mass started there's a little program at the main entrance of the church and right after the reading and homily of the Priest about the season of advent and Christmas… it was followed by the celebration of Filipino's first midnight mass at the covered court.

As usual, every corner of the Saint Mary's Church compound is filled with Filipinos attending the celebration. Well yeah, it's Christmas and when you say about Christmas in the Middle East...it was just like an ordinary day…and you won’t really feel the spirit of the season. For those years that I’ve spent Christmas here, I wish that I’m home celebrating the festive season with my family. Here you can’t feel that it’s Christmas unless you attend the Nine Mornings where you can be reminded how we usually celebrate it at home.

I miss celebrating Christmas at the Land of the Howling Wind, Catanduanes. I miss the Christmas Cheers where every municipality prepares a program to be presented at the Rizal Plaza before the Midnight Mass begins and continued after the Mass everyday. I miss the Beer Plaza. I miss the “puto bumbong”, “kutsinta”, barbeque, “isaw”, “pinoy”, “balut” and any other filipino food that is available every night. I miss my family and friends…Huhuhu

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