Saturday, December 19, 2009


Following that wish from my previous post......when i go home last Thursday i was very glad to see a Christmas Tree in our living room. That was too soon for my wish to be granted. I was just blogging about Christmas Decor in the morning and wishing to have a giant Christmas Tree and then there it was....a cute and simple Christmas Tree prepared by our soon to be a mom "Mama Leslie". Thanks just don't know how you made me happy that day...

Together with it....are the gifts for the raffles and kris kringle. It may not big as I wish but its more than enough to let us feel the spirit of Christmas in our flat...i thought we will have it a day before Christmas...

With Ina & Mike

I'm feeling excited for the Christmas Eve...with the proposed menus, the games, the exchange gift and to all visitors who will join us for the Noche Buena.

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