Saturday, December 19, 2009



I am an enthusiast, a hobbyist and a photo addict. That day I graduated from Overseas Pinoy Professional Photographers Society I became more addicted to take photos. For the moment I’m just having my Sony DSC-W120, a very handy cam which I can bring anywhere I go and take a photo of myself and anything that I’m interested to have a shot. But taking a photo of me would always require someone, and that’s a friend, a companion or simply a passer’s by. Worst if there’s no one to take a photo of me/us. So a flat surface, a trunk of a tree or a car would be enough to place a camera and set the timer just to be a part of a photo.

Then last year I bought a tripod that I can use whenever I wanted to take a photo of a group and be a part of them. I thought a tripod was enough but then I realize that i can only use it on a balance and steady settings. What about if I’m on a ferries wheel, a cabel car, a hanging bridge or in a moving car and I wanted to take a photo? Can I still use a tripod? Definitely No! And that’s where I needed a Xshot!. It is a telescopic camera extender which you can attached on a digital camera and hold at a distance so you can take a photo of yourself even if you’re in a rides. It is very easy to use and can eliminate awkward photos taken at arms length. It is very handy and weighs just 5 oz. and extends up to 3 feet. It is made with durable metal shaft and fits all compact cameras. It is not too bulky and fits easily in pocket.

So if you’re one of those photo hobbyist like me who always wanted to be a part of a group picture or loves to take a photo of yourself while in a moving rides, why not buy a new XShot Camera Extender now.

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