Thursday, January 21, 2010


Whoa!!! I am lucky to have this month’s theme because hubby is not aware of it and maybe will not be interested to read any of my post….so I can write anything I want without him getting mad at me besides the last two topics for this month mainly talks about him so no worries…hehehe

As what I have shared to Couple's Corner I dreamed of having one and only boyfriend and that guy should ask permission before kissing me for the first time. I had my first boyfriend at the age of 22 and my first kiss happened on our first year anniversary in our favorite hangout. I just copied the details of my first kiss from my other blog.

He usually parked his tricycle near that tree on the left and we’ll wait for the dawn before going home. But that night was unusual…before we used to stay their talking and watching the fisherman’s who comes and go while seated close to each other (immovable) at the passenger’s seat. But that night he pulled me close to him and let my head lie on his shoulder and because the weather during that season was a bit cold… he cuddled me (for the first time…which made my heart beats faster) and started touching my chin and embraced me tightly…..but never did I expect that he will kiss me that night (that was my first ever kiss from the very first guy I love). My bodies numbed with cold or because of that kiss that lasted for a minute and more….physically shocked I didn’t know how to respond and the moments we get back to our consciousness….we’re both running out of breath.

I went home I was expecting him to ask permission before kissing me! Again, that’s included on my dream list….that when I had my first kiss….that lucky guy should ask permission as a sign of respect and gentleness.

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