Friday, January 15, 2010


I have only one trusted male friend during my teenage life. I look at him as my big bro but later without his/my friends knowledge I’ve learned to love him secretly. We have had few dinners outside but can’t be considered as a date.

Then here comes my first boyfriend turned hubby. We dine many times even before we finally declared our love but I could not consider it as a dream date. I have even shared it to couples corner how our first date went so upsetting.

So for the sake of this meme let me forget for a while my teenage male bestfriend and my hubby for this first date with this man with passionate eyes, Mr. Joel Laforteza.

He was my cousin’s half brother whom I met the day after declaring my love with my first boyfriend. He was the picture of Mr. Right but there’s one thing I’ve noticed from him, he seldom speaks. He appeared to be very mysterious which later I’ve learned that he was just recovering from a break up…

Okay fine, more to that story of him let me tell you now about our date (I called it as a date). So then after that meeting in the province, we exchanged emails and he called me once or twice. It was summer then and my plan was to spend it in Laguna together with my sister. I told him about it and he requested if we can meet. We’re friends, so I don’t see any reason not to see him.

We meet at the Metropolis Mall in Alabang and decided to go to Padis Point. I was with my sister that time and he had a friend with him. We had a bottle of drinks and since it’s a very crowded area and we can’t hardly talk and hear each other we decided to leave the place early and he drive us going back to Laguna. Had some little talk while on the way, shared some updates about ourselves and more of a friendly chit chat. We reached home around 4 am.

What I like about him that I can’t forget was that he was the first person who gave me a flower. I was about to get down from his car that night when he told me “wait, I’ve got something from you” ….he gave me one red rose. (I kept that rose (dried) for years). After that meeting, we exchanged mails then suddenly we didn’t hear from each other anymore…

He admired me, that's what he said. This was the photo he sent me before we've lost our communication.


Anonymous said...

She, in fairness gwapo nya, pero kaso nga lang kalbo at walang damit. duster pa ata ang suot...

sheng said...

hahaha, sabay ganun ung buddha nman un eh...

he said that when you touch that buddha it will will bring luck to yourself...

nikogirl said...

aw ang sweeeet ni fafa.. nagbabasa ba dito si hubby mo?? di naan siguro siya magseselos diba :)

pero tlga ate infairness ha. he is such a cutie :) hehehe

thanks for always joining ate!! see u tom ha..

thanks din pla sa suggestion on firsts theme.. kaso ate ang hirap bwhahhahah i would like january to end na nga eh hahaha

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sheng said...

hehehe nde niya alam toh:) kaya okay lang kahit anong ipaglalagay ko dito...hehehe

i understand niko:)

sheng said...

hehehe nde niya alam toh:) kaya okay lang kahit anong ipaglalagay ko dito...hehehe

i understand niko:)


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