Thursday, January 28, 2010


So fast! Am not yet done with firsts as there are many other first which I want to share with you guys but since this is the last topic for this month so let’s end it with our first boyfriend!

Speaking of first boyfriend! My stepdad once told me “You have already grown up and spent your teenage life in the city and yet you chose your special someone from our barangay, why didn’t you just find someone in the city?” We’ll he’s right! I could have had a boyfriend while I was in Manila/Laguna, I had several suitors but I was so childish and afraid of getting into a relationship coz I thought boys are boys and they’re all the same….opportunist! Well, I admired someone, had a crush on the other one and secretly loved a bestfriend of mine but none of them had truly made me dream about or thought about them… in none of them made me feel like there was an electric current running on my body everytime I saw them…not until this man suddenly came after almost 10 years….

He was my classmate during grade school, a neighbor and a playmate supposedly but because our parents, relatives and neighbors would teased us always so we’ve never been playmates or friends. I had my secondary school in Manila and worked after that so I never hear of him and was not interested to know about him until I met him at his cousin’s house who is my friend also. I thought his relatives have already forgotten that loveteam of “little boy and little bhing” way back our young lives in the province but they we’re there teasing us like before.

So that was the start of our lives……we became lovers after one year of courtship and got married after 3 years and 3 months……and now we’ve been married for 4 years and 9 months. For more stories about us visit Our Lives Together

Happy Girls Talk! I hope you have all enjoyed all the stories we’ve shared for our firsts! Till next theme….


nuts said...

wow, a very good start that turned into a sweet married life..

feRry'z WILL said...

nice one.. a happy ending of Boy and Bhing love story.. hehehe


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