Thursday, February 04, 2010


Let love rules for this month Girls Talk theme. I have 2 blogs and the other one is Our Lives Together, this is what keeps me busy at work hehehe. And i am really glad to have this month theme at Girls Talk and Couple's Corner which is "LOVE"

For the first entry which is to describe your ONE TRUE LOVE, let me then fully describe him as the only man i trully love. I've shared it many times that he was the opposite of Mr. Right but despite the fact that he wasn't the man i dreamed of, yet i love him so much.

Credits: Digi Vickie

So then who is Mr. Marlon Tomanglao whom I call 'Ney (shortcut for Honey) and Pangit (as endearment). He is an ordinary guy with simple dreams in life.

He loves to attend prayer worship and bible study and he truly believes in God but he wasn't the man whom you can really call religious. He seldom attends a mass and he always feels sleepy during the homily.

He's not a man in a coat and tie but an ordinary laborer with recognition from previous and current employer as an outstanding employee. He's not a man with great ideas about many things but he has some point of views which will make you admire him.

He loves his family so much and he can even offer his life to them. One out of 10 and this was the only thing i admired onf him when he was courting me coz i believe when he had his own family he will surelly love them more than his life.

He is not sweet and not even romantic. He hates public display of affection even a holding hands. He despise flirty woman and shows total disrespect on them which made me wonder how he manage to accept his coquette sisters.

He's a trouble - prone for being so hot tempered. When he's stomach is empty there is no room for excuses to anything he wants you to do.

This was just a continuation of how well do i know him, visit my other blog if you want more...hehehehe


Mommy Liz said...

total opposite of the man of your dreams and yet you love him so much anyways..that says it all Sheng..sobrang love mo si Marlon. di ba siya naiinis sau kapag sinasabi mo ang dislike mo sa family niya? hehehe..

gracia said...

GOD is the source of all perfect Gift! Praise God for our partners..

melandria said...

your very lucky.

I am having an online contest, hope you can join. I followed your blog too.


Sherry said...

this is sweet :) I did mine at

yeah I believe family is important :) care about family is a must :)

January said...

so sweet cheng!

i hope you can visit mine too.. Actually first girl talk entry. hehe

My One True Love


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