Sunday, January 10, 2010


Are you familiar with forums? Well forums are just another name for discussion boards, message boards or any other names like what we have for our alumni site where in we graduates of The Sisters of Mary School are able to interact with each other by exchanging tips, advices and hot topics related to our Alma Matter.

And today as I am searching for a general discussion forum I came across with Nimbz, the # 1 world’s largest online community forum. Nimbz saves information posted on a particular topic like art and education, technology, lifestyle and entertainment for people to see at anytime which eventually creates a discussion environment.

With lots of information and discussion being posted and exchanged in this forum visitors/members return again and again to see replies to their post and read new posted topic that interest them to join the discussion.

Any discussion forum like Nimbz usually helps build relationships within the members and visitors. If any members post regularly and actively discuss different topics then gradually other active members get to know him/her and then friendship or a deeper relationship maybe develop even outside the forum.

Here people have to register by giving email address and name if they want to post or join any discussion of a certain topic. And by giving email address and name, this allows Nimbz to send all members an email in the future with information related to the forum.

So guys if you're feeling bored at work like me, why not visit and register yourself to start a discussion about anything with fellow members.

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