Thursday, January 07, 2010


Since hubby came to Dubai last year i started to have pimples and it has been my problem till now. I've tried many products and spent a lot of money for it and yet my pimples keep on coming back. I feel irritated looking at my face with all the pimples on it. I want to get rid of it without spending so much money and i think now is the right time to do it.

It has been my habit to pinch my pimples with my finger either i'm at home or at work. My flatmates used to refrimand me not do it because my finger has oils and bacterias that can infect the skin and will create more pimples. And now i realize that they're right. For the past weeks that i was not pinching my pimples i've noticed that there was no new pimples that came out.

There are many other healthcare or do it yourself method to get rid of acne that i can suggest for now and i guarantee you guys that it really helps and will not cost that much of the treatment that you may have tried for several times.

Eating more vegetables and fresh fruits provide nutrients and ingredients that helps our skin healthier and it helps to get rid of pimples. I love fruits a lot and it's been my daily routine at work to eat some fruits in between meals. And i bet u guys can try it and you'll see the result.

I don't usually drink a lot of water but when i started to have this acne problem I've learned to drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water everyday. It was hard for me to drink more water everyday because it was like i'm drowning myself so what i did every 4-5 bites of fruits is equivalent of one gulp of water.

My dermatologist once told me that those things cited above would be more helpful if we reduce stress and get enough sleep for atleast 8 hours a night. It requires descipline really and it means that i cannot watch my favorite evening shows on television.

Our skin needs enough sunshine and fresh air also to be more healthier and I don't have to worry about it because it took me 10-15 minutes walk each day before reaching the bus stop so it's enough exposure to gain the needed vitamins from the sun and oxygen from fresh air.

It's best to get rid of acne naturally than to spend a lot of money for treatment or any acne products.

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