Thursday, February 11, 2010


I don't think we'll have a date on Valentine's Day; we're both working that day. Lucky if hubby will take me out for a dinner date before he goes to work. He's working night shift that day so most probably he's about to go when I reach home in the afternoon.

But if I really wanted to dine out that day, I will take him for a quick dinner at Fish and Company in Al Ghurair Center. It’s my fave sea food restaurant and he hasn’t been there.

Advance Happy Valentine Everyone!


Kero said...

hmmmn, i also had a friend before who recommended the place. ma try nga next time we go to Deira.

Enjoy the weekend, Sheng!

Mommy Liz said...

Sige nga, ikaw na ang mag aya sa kanya ng date, para hindi naman puro guys na lang ang naglalabas sa mga girls. Happy Valentine's Day din sa inyo ha.

This is My Life- Valentine's Date

LingLing said...

Seems like too many of your fellow GT ladies have to work on V'day :(
Hope you two can manage to be together at least for a while <3 Happy happy V'day! xoxo

Ria said...

Hi Sheng! I bloghopped from Niko's Girls Rule blog.

Wow, you're from Rigga? I used to live in Al Muteena near the Reef Mall but had to move to Al Ghusais.

I am so glad I have a week-long leave next week. I need a much deserved R & R!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Sherry said...

I remember the day is 1st day chinese new year

Sherry said...

oh ya you won! hehe. niko feb theme congrats!!


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