Tuesday, February 23, 2010


How's Valentine's Day Celebration Guys? I haven't visited any blog of GT participants....my internet connection at work was cut for a week and I don't find a time to blog at home so here I am almost 5 days late for last week's meme.

Anyway, here we go….I mentioned from previous meme that I really don’t know if hubby and I would have a date on Valentine’s Day for the reason that we’re both working on that day. But here we are….

February 11 - A night with the witty couple Mr. & Mrs. Bellen at The Music Room Bar, Majestic Hotel Tower, Dubai.

February 12 - Enjoyed the cold noon time at Jumeirah Beach Park. An advance celebration of Che's 30th Birthday.

February 14 - While Mr. & Mrs. Bellen had their Dhow Cruise Dinner in celebration of Valentine's Day and Che’s Birthday ….here we are delighted with the food served at the buffet table at Ponderosa Restaurant.

February 19 - It was Mr. Rolly Bellen's last week in Dubai...so we decided to bring him at the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel to see the arabian styled large leisure complex with hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, abras, waterways, wind towers, and bustling souq. We also took some photos from the view of the worlds tallest 7th star hotel - the Burj Al Arab.

With special thanks to Rab....we could not have a wonderful Valentine's celebration if not of you. I hope you enjoyed your stay here. We'll miss you...

So that's it! better late posting than never hehehe...

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