Sunday, March 07, 2010


"When was the last time you have experienced something for the first time?"

I am on my way to Abra an hour back when i saw this unusual question written on a placard near Gold Souq station. I am wondering what‘s the message they (who ever wrote it there) wanted to pass on to the motorists since it is placed near the service road.

Okay fine, forget about it coz I don’t even get the purpose of putting it there so let me just answer the question. Kelan nga ba? Since I am on the bus when I read that message so let me relate my answer base on my experiences to any means of transportation here in Dubai. Well, the last time I have experienced taking the wrong bus for the first time when was 2 years ago. I came from Kish Island Iran for my visa change, so when I reached Dubai Airport 2 I took a bus with the thought that I can get down from Rashid Hospital and I’ll just take another bus going to Jaffliya. I was feeling’ so tired and sleepy that time and I closed my eyes the moment I sit on the bus and when I wake up the bus was located somewhere in a desert area and I don’t know what place was that.

What happened next? i took the same bus going back main city of Dubai..hehehe

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