Monday, March 08, 2010


I am a woman but i am not aware of International Women's Day until Pehpot posted something one her blog about Women's Month.

Working in Arab States like here in Dubai where only 28 percent of women participate in workforce is really challenging. I, being the only employee of the company I am working I have observed that women are not given with equal opportunity esp. in public sector. I have been to many government offices here and I have seen that most of the staffs are men. So where are the women? They're at home…taking care of their children or maybe they are out at the shopping mall spending money. I remember one time my boss commented about Filipina. He said that he admired and salute all Filipina’s working abroad just to support their families back home.

Sanya Nayeem wrote about On International Woman's Day:Issues she faces, her closing remarks ended with a question of "How crucial is the role of the mother in advancing the status of women? Do you see improvement in the status of women in the Middle East?"

Well, i think apart from her role as a wife, Muslim woman has a very important role as a mother. And as far as i know some Mulsim Woman in the Middle East gained their right to votes like the Kuwaiti Women. Still women continue to face gender-based obstacles to full realization of their rights as equal participants in society.


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