Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Here we are again sharing our experiences about food and with the theme we have today which is the first food we choose on a buffet table...well, honestly it's hard to choose a food in a buffet esp. here in Dubai except when you're in a Filipino/Chinese Restaurant. That's my observation..i don't know if i share the same sentiment with other Filipinos here...hehehe

So wanna know what's the first food i choose? I usually check the main course  first before anything else. I need to know what the best food they offer otherwise i'll take the fresh salad or fruits only.

The last time I had a buffet lunch at Ponderosa Restaurant in Abu Dhabi during the ASMSI - UAE Chapter General Assembly & Sportfest Opening I chose their extra servings of "kare kare" other than any other food served on the buffet table. I love it! It's like a taste of real home recipe.

What about you guys? What you choose first?


ღ pinaymama ღ said...

kare kare that sounds good!

Mommy Liz said...

Wala kang appetizer man lang, banat ka agad ng kare kare? hehehe! anyways, masarap yun..lalo kugn may bagoong alamang, yum!

Rossel said...

masarap yang kare-kare lalo na kung ox tripe. my choice is sea foods. sarap din kase.

I Love Seafoods

Vernz said...

Grabee.... ngayong ko lang narealize ako lang talaga yung naiba .... ahihihi... hi sheng ... joined GT too

Food I Fancy First

tatess said...

may kare kare sa Ponderosa dyan? ang daya ,bakit Pondarosa dito wala nyan.

Hannah said...

sarap siguro ng kare kare but i don't eat masyado ng foods na pede ko mabili or lutuin =)

here's mine

Vernz said...

Hi sheng I have something for you here ...

Something For You

Rache said...

I also like ordering kare-kare in one of the filipino restaurants we go to... No one here at home knows how to cook it :p


Ria said...

I go for the main course right away, specially if it's Asian buffet set. I've eaten in Ponderosa. They actually have nice food selection here in Deira.

Ria C
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niko said...

kare kare?? naker kahit yan ang ulam di kakain si yobib hihih, he eats everything ate except karekare hihih

but i can eat that.. seafoods karekare una kong natikman and masarap nga.. but i wont choose that on a buffet :D nawaha na ata ako ni yobib hihihi

thanks for joining GT ate ha! am sorry for the late visit, I just got back from a very watery weekend ^_^

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