Thursday, April 01, 2010


Just yesterday hubby informed me that he had a bad news from the Philippines that my brother was sent to a barangay tanod because his aunt accused him for something he did which we don’t know yet. So then I called today morning to know what happened yesterday. Knowing that anger brought my brother for doing bad things on her aunt’s property makes me sad. I cant’ blame him for doing that but it doesn’t mean also that I like what he did.

Looking back, it was my stepfather’s immediate families who have humiliated us so much. Well, I guess it’s because we are the poorest among them. How would you imagine a blood related belittled you? Can you see yourself hating them because of that? Or challenged to strive for yourself and your family and hope that someday you will reach their status or even go beyond?

So kung meron mang isang bagay na tumatak sa isip ng mga nakababata kong kapatid…iyon ay dadating ang araw na hindi na nila kami pag umikot ang mundo sila nman ang nasa ilalim at maaaring kami naman ang nasa ibabaw.

Now I would like to thank them anyway. We may not reach or go beyond their family status but at least they could not demean us like what they used to do. What they did before was just like a motivation for all of my siblings to struggle and be the best that they can be on their studies, career or in any endeavors.

One day.........................


Glenda said...

sorry about that ate... things will get better... i'll pray for you and your family esp. your brother... take it easy.

sheng said...

thanks sis:)

Mommy Liz said...

Minsan ang tao nakakagawa ng di maganda, dahil na rin sa galit at sma ng loob. I hope that everything will turn out good sa side ng brother mo.


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