Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sorry Niko for being so late for Girls Talk entry this week. I didn't find a time to do it as much as i wanted to...but anyway here's my entry.

I got so many many friends from elementary, highschool and college and I cannot even name them all. I thank God for the gift of friendship during those days and still thanking Him for having them till now though others were not in touch anymore yet they have been a great part of me.

I had wonderful friends during my elementary days which include my childhood friend, cousins and classmates from two different schools. Then I have ASMSI, we may not really know each other well but as children of Fr. Al there's something that binds us so wherever we go we remain as Ate and Kuya. I have my dormmates and batchmates as friends till we grow old but if there's someone I wanna call a real good friend that would be my bestfriend. She's one of the best thing that happened to me during my secondary school though  life with her wasn't that easy.

She is the best among my friends. She is not just a bestfriend to me but almost a sister.
Taken during my vacation last 2007

Taken last year at The Sisters of Mary Silang

I have some few friends during my college days where we remain as friends on Friendster and Facebook.hehehe. I had the best years of school at the Sisters of Mary because of the great people/friends around me but I had a more challenging years during college because of true friends in a real world.

 That's all for a very late entry.

2 comments: said...

thanks best.. that's very sweet of you =) i still treasure you as my bestfriend.

when you comment like this.. "am praying for both of you...ganun you go along the way maraming puedeng mangyari na puedeng makasira or makapagpatatag sa relasyon nyo...nsa sainyo na lang kung paano nio haharapin ito..." i realized you're really my bestfriend.

whatever hardships we experience in our friendship in the past, im still thanking God because you're my bestfriend. Love you best!

niko said...

aw ate nice post naman.. hihihi. u are so lucky kc may best friend ka other than ur hubby hihih..

sori rin te late visit ha, kkayos lng ng net ko hihihi


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