Sunday, June 20, 2010


I'm turning 31 few days from now and i noticed recenty I easily get irritated, I don't know if it's one sign of getting old or what. Has anyone of you read from my previous post that I'd like to call myself as GIRL and not lady or woman even if I grow older? Girl means you always remain young...I remember during my elementary years there was one story that our english teacher shared on us...that there was a "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH" somewhere in Japan...whoever drinks the water from it will remain young and never grow old...and so I told my teacher that someday I will go to Japan..and she smiled at me and told me that it was just a story.

Now that I'm turning 31, sometimes I wish that the fountain of youth really exist. I hate growing old...I don't know my age now I felt like the clock stops when i turned 20. I don't mean I'm still childish though hubby used to tell me that...but what i mean is that I don't want to see mysefl grow old which is impossible..hehehe

Neway, let me embrace and accept that on June 23 I'll be 31...There will be a sumptous lunch - dinner on June 25 at Flat 609 ABC 1 Bldg, Dubai , U.A.E. I wish to see my SFC Household that day but sad to say one is going home the same day and the rest are busy so I shall meet them on my birthday at Rigga...


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