Monday, June 21, 2010

المسلمة شنغ - MUSLIMAH SHENG

This photo on my FB profile picture made my day. I couldn't be beautiful because I'm small but at least I can be cute. Don't disagree even just before I turn 31...hehehe

Well some of my real friends said that there is more cuteness in me when I’m showing some skin and not like this. I don’t know I just thought of uploading it last night as my profile picture. I never had in mind converting into Muslim and this photo was taken during my visa change in Kish Island on 2006.

Do I look like a Malay girl now or an Indonesian? Given a chance of wearing Abaya and Hijab I prefer the Iranians and Jordanian's Women's Fashion. I hate the all black abaya of Muslim women which they wear on top of their regular clothing. Aside from the texture of the cloth which I think is very hot once you wear it, I don't like seeing a woman in all black...they're just like black ninja's in long gown.

If you happen to see Iranian, Jordanian and Palestinian ladies with their matching long dress and hijab you would simply love looking at them. They got their own fashion even if they're fully covered which make them more beautiful and appealing.


Vernz said...

no arguments... you are cute! hi sheng.. dropping by here HAppy birthday!

sheng said...

Thanks Vernz:)

momikoito said...

Hi Sheng!

This is Anne, Niko's friend. I am one of the Tropang 5. Thanks for the surprise that you've made four our friend Dhang.

Happy birthday to you as well.

Just have followed your site. Hope you can visit mine too at


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