Saturday, June 26, 2010


Thank You Lord for the gift of life. Thank you for giving me another year to be productive, to share my life and be a blessing to other people. Thank you for all the blessings you continue to shower on me. I pray that you always guide and help me be a better person everyday.

I had this feeling of great joy during my 31st birthday. I don't mind getting old now if it means having all the people who loves me dearly. "Thank You All" for making my birthday an unforgettable one.

I've got four from my birthday wishlist. Thank You Guys:) Love it! I didn't know you have taken it seriously:) hehehe

To Amleth - My Bestfriend: Thank You for the video. I thought other than the bouquet of flowers I am going to receive another thing but never did expect a warmhearted birthday messages from you and from all friends of mine through the video you prepared. Thank You Best! I love you! You simply made my day:)

Flowers from Amleth which was chosen and bought by Ate Norie & Cake from Ate Elsa

Yeah, I wanted a cake from Bakemart but I did not expect that I would love the cake that Ate Elsa has brought me.  So girly like me who loves pink. Thanks Ate Elsa:)

The Winner Stands Alone from Roma, Wallet from Chris, Necklace and Pearl Earings from Mane & Chie, and Intel USB Pen from Nadine & Lester.

Did I ask for more? Except from Paulo Coelho Novel from Roma (Thanks Romaness) I received Wallet, Necklace and Earings, and Intel USB Pen. Thanks Chris, Mane, Chie, Lester and Nadine.

My last horraayyyy to the calendar would not be completed without the people who celebrated it with me.

Thanks for all the birthday greetings, messages and wishes that I received from my FB & Blogger's friends. Thank You!

My former SFC Household Team (Lanie, Jeanetter & Romai)

My ASMSI 1997 Batchmates (Gina, Malen & Ate Elsa)

And of course my bros & sis...Olive & Erol, Nadine & Lester, Tracy, Chie & Mane.

Lastly, with big thanks to my flatmates for the support. I appreciate the effort of everyone for making my birthday a success.

I am another year older, wiser and more grateful! Thank You Lord for sending me wonderful people to love and care for me.

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