Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Let me have this day for a little emo about the coming Father’s Day Celebration. I should have written this right after watching Simply KC with his Papa Gabby last week. I don’t know I was carried away while watching the show maybe because I can relate to KC for not having his father around while she grows up.

My Dad and I, we only had few times together. I forget how he looks like, one thing I can remember from him was his big tummy, I don’t even have a photo of him. I’ve tried to ask from my sibling (father’s side) if they can send me one but they too don’t have any. All I know I resemble my mom but one time Mommy Beth’s (my stepmom) Aunt told me that no one can ever deny that I was a daughter of Edgar Tabuzo. Was it because I have a resemblance of him or what?

Last month, a day before his death anniversary I got a chance to talk about him with my sister. She told me that Daddy was a real kind father…that she was his favorite. She was already an adult and yet Dad carries her like a child. She told me that she hopes I had more time with him.

Yeah, I wish I had more time with him. I wish he was there during the time that I needed a father most. Sometimes life is so cruel and there’s nothing you can do but live with it. Not having him around as I grow up made me long for a father’s love though I had my stepdad during my younger years but I can’t say that I was blessed to have him.

Just a Tuesday emo here at My Sweet Serenity

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