Thursday, July 08, 2010


I've been telling Roma to start monetizing her blog coz I've got other friends whose earning $$$ through blogging and I myself have earned a little through it where i was able to buy a new domain, Life At Work.

Other friends has been asking me also how to earn through blogging. Well, it was Niko who told me to monetize my blog which i did last year and i started earning small amount end of last year.

So for my friends who are asking me how to earn through your blogs <-------click the link or the badge below..

Paid reviews

As I was blog hopping on Girls Talk today morning I've learned that most of them are earning through then I was inspired to register my blog to paid reviews hoping that just like the other stay at home mom or working mom out there i will also earn more through blogging.

Happy Blogging Everyone!


Kero said...

Sheng, referral mo ako dito hehe. thank you for sharing. marami ka na ba opps? sana totohanan na ito hehehee

sheng said...

Yup Mommy Kero, meron ding pailan ilan...n/a pa rin kasi ang PR ko kaya kunti lang narereceive ko na opps... kung nde nman late ko na nababasa na qualify ako for an opps kaya pag gagawin ko na nsa waiting list na...

Tamang tama toh sau while taking care of Andrei kumikita ng $$$...kita ko matataas ang PR mo kaya qualify ka nyan lagi...


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