Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm not fan of using make ups..not because i am lazy enough to apply it on my face but because i can go to  work as jologs (out of style or baduy) as i can be but as a girly thing to have i bought my make up kit plus all other make up collections that was given by friends which i only use during parties and events that requires to look nice and beautiful.

I don't know how to apply make ups properly so most of the time i tried watching a tutorial first before applying it on my face just like what i did last time where i have watched exteeners exotic smokey green eyes.

I think i have not come up with a good exotic smokey green eyes but somehow i've done it more simply to match my dress. I guess for now i should look for short training courses for beauty and make up offered in Dubai to improve my make up skills.

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