Tuesday, August 31, 2010


She is totally grown up now. No longer a BABY but a LADY acting in a dignified way and  carry herself with a good self steem.

Being the youngest girl we love to call her "Baby" or "Bhie"...but for some other time esp. when we were all young we sometimes call her "kirara" (from the teleserye kirara where the main character is an ugly lady with black complexion), "burarat" (bicol term for big eyes), and "kulot" (for having a curly hair) and many other aka's..

We are three girls in the family (mother side) but she is more attach to our mother...she is very open to her...about her crushes and even about her lovelife...

This was the latest photo we had together

If i may share...their relatives used to turn her down...though we often call her "kirara", "burarat", or "kulot" but when others critisize her...we all feel bad....those critism has motivated her to be the best she can be...she became a consistent honor student during grade school...a neighbor envied my mom for having a child as brigh as she is... Again she graduated in highschool with honors and became a deanslister in college... It wasn't easy for her to prove to anyone that she can do more than what they thought about her.

She may not be beautiful in the eyes of her Aunt's and cousins but once in her teenage life she have joined 3 pageants...though she didn't win the title...yet we were all proud of her...she has gained so much confidence throught it...

An ugly duckling turned a beautiful swan

She has truly gone far....before going to Dubai she was working as Marketing Assistant in an Insurance Company.

And now an OFW.... working as Accouts Assistant in a Real Estate Company.

As she turns 23 today...we all wish here more success...a better and greater opportunity to come. She maybe a Lady now but for us her family she will always remain as our Baby.

Happy Happy Birthday Bhie!!!

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imriz said...

at age 23, she's sure do have lots of achievements already.


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