Sunday, August 29, 2010


I've been asking my flatmates to go to the beach but since it's Ramadan here and we don't know what's the proper clothes to wear in the beach this days so instead of going there they asked me to go with them to the gym coz they are allowed to bring one guest each month for free.

So here i go...

Posing with hubby's cousin at the treadmill

I tried hard to atleast make it up to 10 sit ups

and of course the only reason why i came there...swimming

We were at the pool for more than an hour chatting and sharing some stories from the past then another 30 minutes heat session (sauna).....and khallas...

It was a very relaxing afternoon...looking forward for another free hours at the gym next month...

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Kero said...

Sushal!! Lookin' good dearie! never been inside a gyhm here in Dubai. intimidated akoh hahahahaa!

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