Thursday, October 21, 2010


I didn't join last week Girls Talk entry...for the reason that I'm not interested reading funny books and I have never read any except "The Little Prince" though it's not really a funny books but I had fun reading it because of the pen-and-ink pictures drawn with a childlike gravity.

Anyway for my share today which is about suspense/thriller books are from the works of Sidney Shieldon and John Grisham. I was in college when I started collecting some books of Sidney Shieldon and I loved Bloodline the most.

Then when I came to Dubai I fell in love with John Grisham when I've read his first novel, A Time To Kill, my fave thriller book. From then on I bought all his books, infact I bought Da Vinci Code that day it was released in Dubai and it is the most expensive from my collections. I had only two brand new books Da Vinci Code and Eleven Minutes and the rest are second hand books which I bought on a promo at a  bookshop  in Karama and Satwa Dubai.

My share for


Earth said...

ow! i love this! Sidney Sheldon was one great story teller!

K said...

lurve both your author picks! bloodline is also one of my favorites from sheldon! :)


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