Saturday, November 27, 2010


For years now, i've been suffering with this sudden allergic reaction on something i don't know yet...either because of the food i eat or any allergen. Recently i was advise by the doctor not to eat crabs, lobster, shrimps and strawberry... and yet i still have this rashes from time to time which i don't know the causes. And then the other day, when i arrived at work i had my breakfast of corn flakes with fresh milk. An hour after taking breakfast i had this usuall itchy feelings on some parts of my body which i thought that maybe it was because of the food i ate....the milk?

Maybe i have a milk allergy...and when i tried to search about it some of the symptoms i am experiencing is also related to milk allergy. I haven't consulted a doctor yet but somehow i am sure that it is one of the cause for my allergies. Milk allergy is a food allergy and an adverse immune reaction to one or more of the protein's in cow's milk and/or the milk of other animals—proteins that are normally harmless to the non-allergic individual. With that i tried to avoid drinking milk and eating any dairy products like cheese, butter, youghurt and even ice cream.

So now i would miss my all time favorite ice cream flavor from Baskin Robbins...Cookies and Cream with almonds and chocolate toppings.

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Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Sheryl. Be sure to link your post using the linking tool at the bottom of my post.♥

I am deathly allergic to lobster. It was my favorite food, and I haven't been able to eat it for over thirty years. Good luck.

Gracie Jewellery said...

I have a milk allergy too. How I miss having a cold glass of milk. Happy Pink Saturday. Hey, I'm having a give away!


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