Sunday, November 28, 2010

ASMSI - UAE Chapter Monthly Birthday Celebrations

It was then agreed that to strengthen the camaraderie between alumni other than the regular event of ASMSI - UAE Chapter there should be one day event every month just to bond with fellow alumni and that is the Monthly Birthday Celebration.

So last Thursday night I was able to attend for the first time the birthday celebration of one of our member and it was held at Jumeirah Open Beach.
The One Celebrated His Birtyhday, Kuya Reynaldo Sin

The celebrant prepared 3 menus which includes lumpiang shanghai, caldereta, kare kare and the others brought some also like, fruit salad, softdrinks, chips, fruits, juices, water and rice.

As I have observed everyone enjoyed the food that was prepared by Kuya Sin.

After eating time some members took time chatting with their batches especially the youngsters (the older batch of The Sisters of Mary School), others had fun teasing each other, and some played patintero while I was busy taking photos with the help of my tripod.
The young ones playing patintero

Then as announced the ASMSI - UAE  Chapter Execom and Adhoc Committees had a brief meeting about the upcoming Christmas Party.

Adhoc Committees and Execom

Then here we go for the group picture.

It was a fun filled night and I hope there will be more monthly birthday celebrations such like these. How about you guys? How was your weekend?

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kimmy said...

hmmm... that was a happy celebration indeed. Happy birthday to your Kuya Reynaldo!

Sassy Mom said...

Extend my warm birthday greeting to your Kuya Reynaldo.

It's always nice to get together especially when you're in a foreign land. That's really a great bonding experience.


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