Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It's been a while again that i did not post anything, no entries for memes and updates for what simply happened on me or around me.

I've mention it many times.....that even if i wanted to write something if i'm not in the momentum to do so....then i can't write anything though i always have so many ideas to share. I wish i am a writer and i am good in words...where i don't need to wait for that moment that an essay can simply be written without even thinking so hard.

I feel so great having so many comments from a simple post for a certain topics on meme's and i missed it so much if i didn't join the daily entries but lately i was too busy preparing for our alumni Christmas Party and was too lazy to post anything. I always have a boring days at work and if i wanted to i can write as many post as i can everyday but like what i said it isn't easy to write.

Hoping to update all my blogs soon...

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