Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was talking with our accountant yesterday and I’ve learned that his car was impounded by RTA for 15 days for beating the red light along Mahktoum Road and now he’s worried where to get a car because he has an important work to do in Abu Dhabi this week. I told him he can borrow the other car from the office since nobody used it and maybe he can start arranging for another car loan for his wife who is currently taking a driving lesson. So in case that one is out for a car service he still has another one to use.

I don’t drive but if I have an idea which car to buy I prefer a Honda Accord such that in West Palm Beach Florida. We do have the same car in the office and my boss loves to used it and he said it is better than the other two cars that we have, the BMW and Mercedes Benz which is both a luxury car that has a very high maintenance cost. Usually we spend thousand dirhams for a year (if not more) for oil changes, filter changes and other types of common maintenance.

But then he said he would either buy use used cars or simply rent a car when needed since they don’t have that much money to buy a new one. Well, budget is always been the first thing to consider in buying a brand new one or a second hand one.

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Ria said...

Hi Sheng,

How's your Thursday? It's weekend again! Yey!

Hirap talaga magkaroon ng car these days especially when it is regulated by the RTA. That's why I always follow the speed limits and traffic rules and regulations. The fines are so steep!

One time, my other car was impounded because I left it on the curb parking for 2 weeks without washing it. Dubai has a strict rule about dirty cars on public places. They would tow it...and so they did tow my other car. Bayad ako ng halos 1,000 dirharms. Hay buhay!

Happy weekend!

Ria C


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