Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Now i got reason to try harder on blogging. My other blog, Life At Work ,was now transffered to wordpress and i would like to thank Kaye for the great help and of course to Niko for encouraging me to do it.

I'm always lazy updating my blogs and it was Niko who always put me in a high spirit to write something as often as I can and I love it whenever he ask me "Ate She how's blogging?" ...by that I am reminded that there are many things i can do during my boring days at work like earning some $$$ through blogging. And you know what made me happy last week....I received $$$ from Add Ons and that was because of Niko again... (Thanks Young Sis!)

Going back to the transfer...did you know that i have no idea about hosting? Funny yeah... I've been blogging for nearly 6 years now but i don't know anything about web hosting. I was using blogger which has a free hosting for my other blogs that's why I’ve never had this problem. I was chatting with Niko yesterday and it was her who explained to me what is it and with regards to my newly transferred blog to Wordpress she offered a free hosting....Thanks Again Dearie! You're an Angel!

This transfer could not be possible without the help of Girls Talk Hostess Kaye Mendez, so if you guys need some make over or blogger to wordpress transfer of your blog feel free to visit her at Wahmaholic Design and know what she can do with your blog.

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