Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Finally i got my paypal account linked to my new Emirates NBD Account which i have just opened for WPS Wages Protection System purposes. It was before linked to my Citi Bank Credit Card but then my card was blocked when Dubai suffers from recession.

Thanks to Niko who never say No whenever i needed some help. I didn't know that it is possible to link a debit card to paypal account but with her confirmation that it can be...yesterday i was finally able to linked my debit card number to my paypal account.

For some who is new with's some guide..

Upong signing with your paypal account;

1. Click your profile
2. Go to Edit/Add Credit Card/Debit Card Number

3. Click Add and it will take you to this page below where your will be ask for your debit card number. Enter your card number, then it will also ask for the expiration date of your card and the CVV which is the 3 digit number at the back of your card.

4. After filling up the fields, your debit card is already linked but still you have to confirm your card. The bank will give you a 4 digit paypal code through your account statement  to confirm your card.(here you don't need to wait for your statement or even call the bank to ask for it coz they automatically send any transactions to my mobile that's why i was able to confirm my debit card right away). 


Anonymous said...

did you make any purchases online everything ok?....
i need to link my card too...but i was just wondering how yours was working out....

Mark said...

Were you able to withdraw your funds to ENBD card from PayPal?

sheng said...

Anonymous....yes i was able to used it since then..

Mark...yes but every transfer from paypal to account has a charge of $5.

Dude said...


Can you please let me know the details on how funds can be withdrawn to your debit card? I have my debit card linked to a current account with Emirates NBD. Will I get my funds transferred directly to my current account inclusive of the 5% charge?


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