Friday, February 04, 2011


It's nice to be back after a month of not participating GT, I simply miss the Girl Talkers and I think it's the topic that brought me back here.

It’s Love Month and I’m pretty sure that LOVE is one of the most interesting topics that we girls really like. I can imagine when all of us gathered in one room to share our experiences about our crushes, first love and the man we promise to love till death…for sure all of us wants to be the first one to share but that is something impossible to happen that’s why we’re here at GT…hehehe

Anyway, as we talk about STUPID LOVE, I can vividly recall my stepfather’s statement when he has known that Marlon and I were already dating. He said, “For heaven’s sake, you almost grew up in the city and here you are falling in-love with this guy from our place? Can’t you find someone from the city? You were already born in this small barrio and still you will marry someone from here?”

I didn’t really understand why he told me that or maybe he can’t just tell me directly that he doesn’t like Marlon. I had that bad feeling with him that time and if not for the sake of having him as my own father I could have told him “Who are you to tell whom to love?” With  his disapproval and so as my mom the more we became so in-love with each other and all that they can do was to accept Marlon. And if there's some stupid things i did for the sake of love......that was to lie to my parents.

I can never forget how angry my mom was when she learned that i was with Marlon instead of my bestfriend during school break.  Well i do understand that she was worried of me getting pregnant without finishing my studies first....what she don't know we are already planning to get married and before she learned about it we were already married on a civil rights and that happened a month after my graduation before going to Dubai.

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sHeNgKaY said...

hi tukayo!

yay!..worth the stupidity girl..
happy for you and marlon..

heres mine..

kim said...

what matters is you end up together.. happy for you, girl!

K said...

parents, eh? hehe. they're usually against who we choose but it's usually more about being worried for us rather than disliking the person we chose per se. but hey, you two are still together after all these years. who's to say you made the wrong choice? :)

darly said...

there's a lot of "romeo and juliet" stories going on here at GT- and i admire all of you because you've kept the love alive despite and inspite of. Like ive said, love stories such as yours usually emerges the strongest because you've been through the hardest, and hand in hand with your beloved.

Happy GT, here's my entry, hope you'd visit back


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